How do I plan for the recovery of major 3rd parties like ATMs or online banking?

by. Robin Remines

It’s not always easy figuring out how to recover your key third-party providers such as your ATM, Debit, Credit, Shared Branch, or Online Banking providers – If you are looking for a proven technology to assist you in this  then this post is for you. In today’s posting we’ll explain how Connector DR works and some common questions.

One of Ongoing Operations’ most commonly used traditional disaster recovery products is our Connector DR product. We have established connections with most major third party service providers in the Credit Union marketplace so that in the event a disaster causes service interruptions in your connections to third party service providers (Fedline, Lynxgate, PSCU, COOP, etc), OGO has Disaster Recovery VPNs already provisioned and ready for use.

Top Questions about Connector DR:

  • What’s the process our Credit Union should take in contacting our 3rd party providers to establish fail-over services with you for Connector DR? During your first DR test, you’ll reach out to your individual vendors to initiate a connectivity test with them. Basically, you have to give your vendor permission for OGO to work directly with them. Using the permission we receive during your first test, we will be able to activate your third party connections in the even of a disaster.
  • I assume there is some standard information we need to share with the third party provider, or is that something OGO will do? The only standard info we need is the IP info to get the VPN built. After that, all connectivity back to the third party vendors would be provided internally within your OGO-managed firewall at your data center into whatever network(s) requested.
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