How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time...

When embarking on a digital transformation journey, credit unions often have a large appetite for change. However, once you start diving into implementation, you may realize that your eyes were bigger than your stomach.

In order to approach this massive undertaking, or elephant in the room, it helps to break processes down into bite-size pieces. It’s okay to take your time – software doesn’t get cold.

Most of us were stretched to our limits in 2020 and challenged in ways we hadn’t anticipated. As we look forward to 2021 – a new year, a clean slate, and an opportunity to continue this growth – here’s a list of some of the pieces we’ve seen credit unions preparing to tackle.

Let’s see if any of these topics resonate with you – 

  • Data Consolidation – Do you have a single source of truth so any employee, anytime, anywhere, can view the entire customer journey?
  • Customer Service – What happens if a member phones into your call center and visits a branch soon after? Are notes shared throughout the organization?
  • Pipeline Management – Do you know how sales are trending at all times and the status of every lead in the pipeline?
  • Account Opening – What safeguards are in place to prevent errors when switching between ownership and product types?
  • Dashboards – Are you making decisions based on gut instincts or informed by data analysis?
  • Workflows – Do you manage cases manually; do you have automated processes to improve efficiencies?

At CRMNEXT, we’re ready to partner and work through any obstacles that come your way. Our main focus is breaking down changes into bite-size pieces to quell some of those feelings of being overwhelmed. Check out DemoBites to see what’s on our transformation menu.

Victoria Weber

Victoria Weber

Victoria Weber is Manager, Marketing Enablement at CRMNEXT, a leading CRM solution for credit unions. She’s recognized for her proven ability to build strong relationships with customers, partners and ... Details