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The same thing happens at thousands of credit unions every single day. A member walks into a branch or calls the credit union to deposit a check or complete a transaction. Then, without warning, they ask about a marketing offer they received by email, mail, text, or smoke signal. It’s a great deal. But they don’t remember all (or any) of the details. They want to open that account or apply for a loan, but the MSR knows nothing about it either. Sure, the employee might turn to a spreadsheet marketing updates occasionally (when they have the bandwidth), but most of the time the member leaves with a promise that “someone will get back to them.” That call never comes. Another opportunity lost.

The fix isn’t an intranet page or a handy-dandy spreadsheet. The answer is a CRM that updates constantly and allows your team to turn insights into action.

Why a CRM, and Your Digital Transformation, Matter
The financial industry is facing a huge disruptor called real-time connectivity. The vast quantities of member data you now store are ripe for improved efficiency. Adding a CRM to your world will help your members discover and utilize more of your accounts and services. It’ll also keep your team “in the know” when it comes to your marketing initiatives, even if you’re sending specialized offers to each and every member.

Tom Johnson Got Something in the Mail
As an example, let’s say Tom stops by his local branch to grab some cash. He then charts a course to teller row. After waiting in line for a minute or two, he’s talking to a person he considers to be the face of the credit union.

“I got a postcard last week,” Tom says, starting the conversation with an awkward smile. “Something about a home equity line of credit. It was a really good deal. Can you help me with that?”

Good or bad, what happens next will form Tom’s opinion about the credit union years to come. Maybe forever.

In most cases, the conversation would be rather predictable and short. But in our example, the credit union has finalized its digital transformation and has an actionable CRM. Marketing doesn’t have to continually post information on the intranet. The CRM takes care of things. When the MSR pulls up the member’s account, everything is already there.

Even the artwork from the postcard is available. The MSR prints it out and shows it to Tom for verification. The two go about starting the application that will immediately get turned over to a lending officer. Tom walks out of the CU a happy, satisfied member. And he’s going to tell all of his friends about the experience.

It’s not science fiction. This kind of interaction, unheard of just a decade ago, is possible when everyone in your FI can access the same data, take action when needed, and update when applicable.

CRMNEXT is Your Marketing Department’s BFF
Your FI can keep everyone in the organization aware of all your marketing efforts, from email and text messages to mailers and more. The right CRM with all the bells and whistles is the answer. CRMNEXT, which serves more than a billion end customers and empowers more than a million FIs around the world, has all the tools you need to make it happen and the people to put it in place without all the hurdles or fiery hoops. Get all the details and start your journey into the digital frontier at

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