How does your credit score stack up?

Ah, your credit score! There is a lot of information packed into that one little number. As you probably already know, your credit score can impact your financial well-being in many ways, including your access to credit for major purchases such as a car or home, and interest rates you will be charged on credit cards and other financed purchases.

If you’ve found yourself wondering how your credit score compares to the rest of the U.S., or what you can do to improve your score, read on to find out how your credit stacks up.

If you need help or advice regarding your current credit score, here are some helpful sites:

How Does Your Credit Stack Up?

According to Experian, the U.S. FICO® Score varies between 300-850 Points. Your ability to obtain a loan and the amount of interest you are charged is highly dependent upon where you fall in the credit scoring categories. A credit score of 711 is considered “good” by most lending standards. Approximately 67% of Americans had a good FICO® Score or better in 2020.


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