How Effective is Hosted Exchange Spam Filtering?

By Kirk Drake

Hosted Exchange Spam Filtering

If you are looking at upgrading your Microsoft Exchange 2007 or 2003 server you may also be considering looking at Hosted Exchange.  There are many people who simply won’t consider outsourcing e-mail processing to a third party.  In reality- there are many great reasons and some not so great reasons to get out of the e-mail processing business.   Next time we will cover the pros and cons of hosted exchange vs. running in-house exchange.  

One of the key ways Ongoing Operations measures the success of its Hosted Microsoft Exchange solution is by the quality of our Anti-Spam measures.  Ongoing Operations deploys the Cisco Iron Port solution to prevent and greatly reduce the amount of spam that gets through to our clients.   This is an amazingly effective solution and greatly reduces the amount of junk e-mail that gets through to your e-mail box.  It isn’t perfect – but here are some of our daily e-mail stats to demonstrate its effectiveness.

Ongoing Operations Weekly E-mail Statistics

  • 2.3 million emails processed
  • 230k clean messages (ONLY 10% of E-mail is GOOD – Totally nuts!)
  • Thousands of E-mail Boxes
  • Over 1000 spam/virus messages per user filtered
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