How financial brands can master multi-channel marketing

Crafting the right marketing messaging is increasingly complex as digital channels proliferate and consumer attention span shrinks. Promoting empathy for lifestyles over product selling is one way to stand out.

Which came first? The two-second consumer attention span or the seemingly ever-widening range of channels now used to grab that sliver of consumer consciousness?

There’s little time to ponder this chicken-or-egg conundrum. Financial marketers not only have to find ways to reach consumers with their messages, but also to do it better, more frequently, more efficiently and more successfully than a growing roster of competitors.

Marketing expert Laura Ziemer has been studying financial services marketing strategies and recently issued a report on major brand campaigns that make use of omnichannel marketing. The idea, she explains, is to pick and choose among about 15 different marketing channels for the ideal mix to sell consumers on those brands.

“With so many potential touchpoints across digital platforms and increasingly sophisticated targeting capabilities, there are more opportunities for competitors to get their message in front of your customers than ever before,” writes Ziemer in a report on omnichannel marketing. Ziemer, Director of Insights at Comperemedia, a Mintel company, says that to fight back, financial marketers must balance four key elements: channel, message, creative and audience.


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