How peer reviews can bring peace of mind to the credit union movement

Seeking peer reviews has become a standard way of life, a part of the routine decision-making process, influencing the way you make everyday choices. Before hiring a contractor to work on your house, you consult Angie’s List; when making a purchase on Amazon, you look at how many stars the product has; and you don’t eat at a new restaurant without first reading reviews on Yelp. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do the same before inking a deal with a new business partner?

You’ve heard the sales pitch; the product sounds promising; next is doing your due diligence and finding other credit unions currently using the product. Rather than asking the sales representative for contact information of other credit unions, which inevitably will be clients they know are having a good experience, you can save time and gain peace of mind with honest reviews on Diligence (

Diligence is a dedicated review site where customers of organizations that support financial services providers have a voice. Through Diligence, you can discover how a possible business partner measures up to their sales-pitch promises, supports its clients in the long run, provides support and innovation, translates cost into value for customers, and more.

Diligence was created by the Ohio Credit Union League’s services corporation to bring credit unions greater transparency when making complicated and high-stakes purchasing decisions (evaluating core processors, indirect lending partners, card processors, etc.), as well as the smaller ones (who to purchase office supplies from, what printer to use for your next marketing piece, etc.). It’s one more point of information to help make the best decision for your organization.

We can all benefit from genuine reviews, just as we do in our personal, everyday lives. The system of sharing and utilizing these business partner peer reviews is just another example of how our industry practices a key cooperative principle; “cooperation among cooperatives.”

At, you can find hundreds of reviews for your potential business partners. Reviewing these insights is completely free. Simply leave a review of a business partner that you have experience working with and all other reviews will be unlocked for you to see.

Paul L. Mercer

Paul L. Mercer

Paul Mercer is President of the Ohio Credit Union League and its affiliated organizations: its business subsidiary OCUL Services Corporation, its state and federal political action committees OCULAC and OCULPAC, ... Web: Details