How playing poker builds life skills

Poker isn’t just playing cards and placing bets, it exercises key life skills like strategic thinking, budgeting, and risk management. From the classroom to the boardroom and beyond, the lessons learned at the poker table empower you to face life’s challenges.

Poker is one of the best ways to learn about money management. Learning to handle your chips in poker will teach you how to distribute your money efficiently, weigh risks versus rewards, and make financial decisions under pressure. Poker also fosters interpersonal skills that will help you both in and beyond the world of money, such as being patient, reading and understanding people’s expressions, and simply building your confidence.

Zogo is passionate about equipping people with the tools they need to be successful. That’s why we’ve partnered with Poker Power, an organization that teaches women life skills through the game of poker.

We’ve added new modules on How to Play Poker because we recognize the strong connection between poker knowledge and lifelong success. Our lessons will help you learn not only the mechanics of the game, but they will also offer you so much more. Poker builds confidence by teaching strategy, negotiation, and risk assessment.


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