How to apply the principles of human-centered design to your CU’s innovation strategy

Learn practical tips for integrating human-centered design into your credit union’s product, service, and experience design process. Keeping the user at the center of every step of the design process is more important now than ever because of the pace of change – in behaviors, preferences, and technologies. Keeping up requires consistent feedback from the core user of your innovation. Credit unions themselves were originated through human-centered design long before the term was even coined, which makes this approach to innovation well aligned with the credit union difference. Hear how purpose-built fintech can deepen the credit union-member relationship and change members’ financial lives for the better.

Key Takeaways:

  • [02:01] The financial technology ecosystem that credit unions serve their members through is not meeting consumer expectations. The loan abandonment rate is as high as 75% in some credit unions.
  • [06:25] Human-centered design is most closely aligned with credit union values. You keep employees and members at the heart of everything the credit unions do.
  • [10:55] As new realities, emerging trends, and shifting consumer demands come into view, you have got to be continuously testing your solution against those changes to make sure that it is still relevant.


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