How to be a leader your team wants to follow

To get the most out of employees, leaders need to inspire, motivate, and encourage creativity. For most leaders, they have to invest time to develop important characteristics to have their employees follow them. As you undertake steps to improve your leadership skills, keeping your staff motivated and engaged, connecting with them, and ensuring your workplace culture encourages creativity are key.  Tanveer Naseer Leadership provides 8 key ways to being a leader your team will follow:

  • Open communication. Communication is key to ensuring that your team can be successful. Team members should feel comfortable approaching you to discuss ideas, provide feedback, and feel like they are being heard.
  • Encouraging growth, both personally and professionally. This could take the form of training or giving them opportunities to be challenged in the workplace.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things. Providing a space where failure is seen as a way to grow will allow your employees to be more creative and increase productivity.


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