How to become an agile organization designed to be competitive

Unprecedented times require fresh perspectives and frameworks that invite a deeper dive into the core of your organizational vision, competence, and competitive value. Traditional strategic planning focuses on creating stability in the conditions among an organization’s customers, suppliers, competitors, distributors, and delivery channels. Work to engage an agility framework in your next strategic planning cycle. An agility framework is designed and constructed, so each element and feature embeds flexibility as the foundational practice. The pieces are then aligned to support long-term adaptability with high-performance for the greater good. Think about the three elements of an agile organization as being robust, adaptable, and backed by shared leadership.

  1. Robust Strategies produce results regardless of the environment.
    • Takes advantage of momentary opportunities with the assumption that one single opportunity will not last forever, yet the profit generated exceeds the cost of change.
    • A robust strategy fully leverages the enduring traits and dynamics of the organization.


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