How to create a unified brand presence

by. Fatemeh Fakhraie

Branding Consistency

A disorganized brand presence is like a mullet: it’s business in the front, party in the back. But the whole thing doesn’t make a lot of sense or look that great (sorry, mullet lovers).

When all of your outlets (digital, print, etc.) reflect your brand accurately, you inspire and build trust in your brand while establishing your authenticity and authority. A consistent brand presence is important because your brand is who you are (and who your customers expect you to be). If a customer sees a disconnect between your online presence and offline presence, it creates doubt in your authenticity. Shaking someone’s trust is you is never a good idea (neither is getting a mullet).

The three things you must keep in mind when creating a cohesive brand presence are your main theme, your voice, and your look.

  • Theme: This reflects who your brand is. Are you the credit union who cares about community? Are you the community bank that cares about sustainable finances? This is your over-arching theme that will guide everything about your look and voice. You may be concentrating on car loans one month and personal loans the next, but both of those promotions will be delivered through the lens of your main theme.
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