How to empower your staff

While there will always be leaders and followers, a great employee is one who can do both. Your challenge as a leader is to empower your employees to perform with excellence and tackle challenges without the need for constant direction. Here are some ways you can empower your staff.

Be supportive: You can be supportive without micro-managing and peering over your employees’ shoulders all day. Give employees direction as they fail, and help mold them into future leaders who will one day lead their own staff to make independent choices.

Hold them accountable: One of the most important things about letting employees take the reins, is giving them the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Holding employees accountable for their own actions will improve both effort and results. Treating all of your employees’ failures the same way will help motivate them to make a habit of being successful.

Get on the same page: Your business relies on employees taking a project from beginning to end. Sometimes employees only have a small role in a project and can’t see the importance of every little detail. Openness in your organization should include letting your team have a glimpse at the big picture so they can see how all of the small parts work together to complete the overall goal. When everyone is on the same page, your team’s work is far more effective.


John Pettit

John Pettit

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