How to find employees in a tough market

Five guerrilla strategies every organization needs

Jump on any zoom call, walk into any corporate board room, or sit down with any small-business owner, and the one thing you will hear business leaders talking about right now is employees. How do you find them, hire them, and keep them?

It is one of the biggest challenges facing employers today. One that threatens their ability to successfully come out of this pandemic and respond to the increasing consumer demand as markets reopen and the regulations of the pandemic ease.

Just this week, I had three clients I met with say their biggest challenge is labor. People leaving due to burnout or other mental stressors, an inability to find people to take their place and the increasing cost of finding talent are all very real. What can employers to make it worth people’s while to leave their couches and rejoin the workforce?

According to a survey done by the National Federation of Independent Business in March, 42% of business owners had job openings they could not fill. Ninety-one percent of those hiring could not find qualified candidates. That is a record high, and the numbers are growing.


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