How to get the most value out of 1-on-1s

We’ve been working in a strange environment the past year. For many of us, we’ve moved our offices fully remote and are just now starting to plan what a return to the office looks like.

We adapted quickly. We’ve spent countless hours on video meetings. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of our culture and team relationships have changed as a result. But I’m here to remind you that the time you spend talking with your team is invaluable. So, if your discussions have changed – and potentially become less effective – leadership guru Art Petty has seven ways for you to get more value out of your one-on-one meetings.

  1. Reframe (together) the purpose of your one-on-ones: These meetings should be held for more reasons than checking a box. Create a space to actually explore how it’s going. What challenges need to be addressed and what are possible solutions? Where does your employee feel like they’re excelling? How could they be doing more of what they love? Where could you provide more support? Spending time to talk through more than just the day-to-day will be more valuable to you, your employee, and the organization.


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