How to help credit unions overcome social media anxiety via The Social Build

It’s no secret that many credit unions are still reluctant to dive in the deep end of the social media pool. Most are quite content wading in the shallow end with an occasional tweet and a post about a new branch opening, adjusted hours, or super low rates. These posts are fine, but, as many savvy marketers know, it doesn’t cut it in the world of social media.

Enter the dynamic duo from CUNA Mutual Group, Michael Ogden and Holly Fearing. Michael and Holly are renowned throughout the industry as the current “go-to” social media mavens. Armed with their expertise, they have created The Social Build — a venture aiming to show the power of social media via scheduled Google Hangouts, discussing the latest credit union issues. Each event is powered by Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more — again, displaying to credit unions how effective social media can be.

In this chat, we discuss how they came up with the idea, how The Social Build works, and where it’s headed. Many thanks to Michael and Holly for taking time from their busy schedule to talk about their proactive project. Enjoy!

The Social Build

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