How to improve your adaptability

One clear lesson from the coronavirus pandemic has been the need for adaptability. Change is not an uncommon characteristic in business or life. But when situations change quickly – affecting our operating environment, daily lives, and more – leaders must be ready to adapt.

We can’t stick to the status quo if we want to grow our business. So how can we work on developing our adaptability? Leadership mentor Gordon Tredgold in a recent blog outlines some key areas to focus on:

  • Agile strategic thinking: We operate in environments constantly flooded with information, from news, emails, social media, and our conversations. As you sort through all this information to inform your next steps, it’s important that you’re starting with a solid foundation via business continuity plans. These plans should take into account crises that could arise and how your organization would respond to them. That way, when you’re faced with one of the scenarios in real life, you’ve already done the groundwork and can adjust as needed.


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