How to lead millennials

As Gen X starts to retire over the next ten years, Millennials will take over as the majority in the workforce. For leaders who haven’t quite figured out Gen Y, here are few things to keep in mind…

They don’t want the same things you did: While money is obviously a factor for anyone in any job situation, it’s usually not the main focus for Gen Y. The work, passion, atmosphere, and culture are all more important to this generation. The “old school” office culture isn’t as appealing to new talent as it used to be.

Be a leader, not a manager: Gen Y has a bad reputation for not respecting authority. Don’t manage like a king holding a title over their head. Instead of being commanding and demanding, be an approachable mentor that can be a source of guidance for your younger employees. And always give feedback whether it’s good or bad.

Help them find their way: Millennials don’t necessarily know what they want out of their career. Help them learn new skills and develop into their best self. Millennials aren’t scared of trying new things, so help them find an area where they can grow, so you won’t have to replace them when they leave for a position they’re more passionate about.

John Pettit

John Pettit

John Pettit is the Managing Editor for Web: Details