How to leverage journey mapping to improve the cardholder experience

Knowing where to start to improve your financial institution’s products or services can be difficult. Sometimes, the issues seem so layered that it can be challenging to see the path to progress, much less communicate it within your organization. However, journey mapping is a thoughtful approach you can take to develop insightful plans of action to improve your cardholders’ experience.

Journey mapping is an effective starting point when you need to identify areas of opportunity from the cardholder’s perspective. Its purpose is to identify the tasks, thoughts and feelings of your cardholders when they engage with a particular process or tool. Done successfully, journey mapping reveals pain points and process disparities, as well as areas of opportunity to deliver a better experience for your cardholders, while providing a visualization of the cardholder’s experience that can be used to share their story and encourage change.

Getting Started with Journey Mapping
First, identify the process or task and goals for the exercise. Then define the beginning and endpoint for your cardholder journey. Next, define the milestones to evaluate in the process.


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