How to pave the way for black male leadership

Six strategies credit union leaders can use to help African American men reach their fullest potential in their organizations.

We are nearing the end of the year 2020, and there is still a perception held by some, a myth perception, that black men in our society are threatening, violent or not trustworthy, and uncooperative. Besides simply not being true, this perception is difficult to understand considering what black men have done, and continue to do, to erase it.

Imagine trying to prove your value in a society that fears and distrusts you. Imagine trying to earn a job, have a rewarding career, or provide for a family in a society that often does not treat you with courtesy and respect. For most black men, these experiences are their daily reality.

Every day, coming into work, I remind myself of who I am, a successful black man. Not because I need a reminder, but so my co-workers will see me as someone who is not threatening, someone other people can talk to and listen to, and not feel any way uncomfortable or uneasy when interacting with me. I am careful not to raise my voice or appear to be angry, even when the situation may warrant it, because my actions could be viewed negatively by others in the meeting room.


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