How to start conversations that make a difference to your customers

For banking customers, financial decisions are not routine transactions – they are often life-impacting choices riddled with uncertainty. Making the wrong choice can create stress, generate unexpected fees and lead to annoyance or dissatisfaction. If you’re presenting all of your product options at once like a deli menu and treating banking interactions like purchases, you’re missing out on key opportunities to connect with your customers on a deeper level and instill loyalty.

It’s time to shift your focus from completing transactions to having conversations. Real conversations. Conversations that let you engage with your customers, interact with them on a more personal level and provide opportunities for them to share important information that will guide them to make better decisions. From understanding their long-term goals to knowing how much their monthly income fluctuates, seeing your customers as people first is the key to helping them find the right fit when choosing banking products and services.

Conversations play a crucial role in getting customers on the path to engagement.

Business owners, especially small business owners and startups, may have made a significant emotional investment, along with pouring time and money into their venture, and they need banking and financial services that respect their sweat equity. Consumers, on the other hand, may have retirement or savings goals that impact their choices. Beyond your services, what you can offer is expertise and insight into how the right banking options can improve their success. That starts with a conversation.


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