How to strengthen your leadership in 2020

As we enter a new year (and a new decade), now is the perfect time to reflect on where you’re at in your career. Where do you want to be short-term and long-term? How do you plan to get there?

For those looking to strengthen their leadership skills, a recent post on Business2Community – an online platform for business professionals to connect – outlines 10 ways to do so in 2020:

  1. Prioritize your physical health. When we get busy, it’s easy to hunker down in our office. We want to get as much done, and we don’t want to be away from our phone or computer if something breaking happens. But, working out – even just taking a walk over lunch – is critical in keeping your mind sharp and body healthy.
  2. Change the way you think. We’re creatures of habit, but the new year is a perfect time to consider which habits might be hindering your personal and professional growth. Find opportunities to reduce stress and don’t get hung up on problems. Keep yourself in a problem-solving mindset.


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