How to use time to your advantage

Time is a strange concept, especially in the business world. We know we only have so much of it to get things done during the day, and we’re never really sure when our time in a position or at an organization will be over. This makes how we use our time so important.

I came across this article from Rishad Tobaccowala – an author and leadership advisor who helps businesses stay relevant – with his thoughts on time. For businesses and leaders: “Successful firms and people use time as a weapon,” Tobaccowala argues. The most successful have these three behaviors/beliefs:

  • The power of compound interest/compound improvement: We can see this in action when we look at our investments, retirement savings, etc., but it also ties to Warren Buffett’s advice to go to bed a little smarter each day. There is no silver bullet to achieving success; rather, it’s a continuous process. Leaders must be committed to letting things grow over a sustained period.
  • See early what others see late: To stay competitive in your market, you must take risks early on. When you identify a trend, have the courage to take the leap of faith to get in on the ground floor. Like we saw during the pandemic, businesses that had been making investments in technology – both to support workers and better meet members’/customers’ needs – for years were the ones that were able to pivot quickly to the new operating environment.


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