HR Answers: Preparing employees for a successful leadership transition

4 tips for facilitating a smooth adjustment when the new boss arrives

If you’ve worked at the same credit union for years, you’ve likely grown accustomed to how things are run. Learning that there will be a change of leadership may then instill feelings of fear, anxiety and even frustration.

Our careers are our livelihoods; we rely on stable employment to pay our bills, provide for our loved ones and keep ourselves healthy. When a new leader or manager steps in, employees might fear that their jobs are on the line.

Change is hard. Humans are creatures of habit, and adapting to a new relationship or job expectations takes time.

According to research, 60% of new managers fail to succeed in their roles in the first two years. Why is this number so high? It has a lot to do with how the team works to integrate with the new manager (and how the manager works to integrate with the team.). As an HR professional, you can help prevent miscommunications and address concerns that employees may have.


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