HR Answers: This learning organization focuses on building 10 competencies in 2021

Affinity Federal Credit Union paves the way for employees to own their professional growth

It is not entirely surprising that one of the 10 competencies senior staff at $3.6 billion Affinity Federal Credit Union chose for employees to hone their skills in 2021 is “resiliency.” After all, 2020 was a challenging year in so many ways.

Affinity, based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, defines resiliency as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or tough situations,” and chose this competency as the first in its “competency of the month” learning program we rolled out in March.

The idea is for employees to learn more about a different competency each month from March through November. In December, staff will review all 10 competencies plus participate in a “virtual conference” with guest speakers and other activities designed to summarize a year of developing competencies.

Affinity believes staff will boost their own performance—and thereby organizational performance—by developing their knowledge and skills in each of these 10 competencies through the course of the year:


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