I know … that I don’t know much

All of us try to understand the world around us – we have duties to serve broad constituencies, so we must see the world as it is.

But a dangerous thing can occur – when you think you know something that no longer exists or has changed dramatically.  Here are three examples from my own lack of awareness.

  1. The NBA. It is an American league, right? Well… Roughly 25% of NBA rosters are international. 30% of merchandise sales are international. And 70% of social media follows? International.  (Sports Business Journal) NBA viewership may be flat in the U.S. But does the NBA care?
  2. I’m currently reading Stalin’s War, and it is blowing my mind. My understanding of World War II was very flawed. Before Germany’s Barbarossa offensive into the USSR, the Soviets invaded Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland and Romania. I misplaced that piece of history.


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