ICUD and local development opportunity for young professionals

The month of October is a great time of year that hosts one of my personal favorite holidays:  no, not Halloween or the “unofficial holiday” of the annual Homecoming Football Game. October 17th is International Credit Union Day!  

With this year’s theme of “Local Service, Global Reach”, our movement continues to recognize the positive impact we have on our communities.  The theme of local service also creates great opportunities for Young Professionals in the movement to develop personally and professionally. If you are a YP looking to advance your career in Credit Unions, here are some great ways to do so through the theme of local service.  

Volunteer:   The most common – and easiest – way you can grow through local services is through volunteering.  Local charities, soup kitchens, animal shelters, senior care facilities, schools, libraries…the list of places and things you can do from a local volunteer perspective can be endless!  Carve out some time in your schedule on a regular basis to give back by volunteering, and make sure to take advantage of local volunteer opportunities offered by your Credit Union. You’ll meet amazing people, perform good deeds, and strengthen your professional profile.  Most importantly, you will gain valuable perspective and personal fulfillment!

Plan a Local Donation Drive:  Many local charities and organizations that do not offer robust volunteer opportunities will gladly accept donations, and often will assist you in organizing a donation drive.  Reach out to local community groups to see what they are in need of, and use the power of local and social networking to spread the word! Even if you only end up with a few boxes or bags of goods to give back, your efforts will be admired and appreciated, and develop great leadership and organization skills for future growth.  

Organize Meet Ups:  A great way to build your local network and develop professionally is by working with your local Credit Union colleagues, chapter or league to organize Young Professional Meet-Ups!  Meet-ups are a great way to bring like-minded YPs together in a fun and engaging setting, and you can even extend invitations out to YPs from other local businesses, which will help you become a better networker and team-player.  Plus, hosting meet-ups at locally-owned businesses in your area is a great way to display our movement’s focus on community development and people helping people.  

Join A Local Board or Committee:   If you are looking to get more deeply involved in giving back to your local community – and want to enhance your time management skills – then consider running for or joining a local community board or committee.  Many of these groups, just like Credit Unions, are looking for young professionals to bring energy, enthusiasm and fresh ideas to the table. Furthermore, you will be able to gain valuable insights and perspective from experienced board members, learn new skills and help shape the future direction of your local community.  

These are just some of the many ways Young Professionals can grow personally and professionally by giving back to their local community, and your Credit Union will surely appreciate your positive representation and embodiment of their brand and promise.  So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start giving back!

Michael Mattone

Michael Mattone

Michael Mattone is the Vice President of Marketing and Member Experience at Hudson River Financial FCU, a $60 million credit union serving members who live, work or worship in Westchester, ... Web: Details