If content is king, is your content strategy ready to rule?

At last month’s Hearsay Summit, Director of Content Strategy Gabrielle Levin joined Hannah Bland, Digital Marketing Manager at Aviva Investors and Tim Rickards, Director of Marketing and Client Engagement at Charles Schwab, to discuss their key content strategy tips for nurturing clients via social media, particularly during this past year.

Here are five takeaways from their discussion:

Carve out a safe space where knowledge and need takes precedence
Content plays an important role in simplifying people’s journeys, so Tim’s team seeks to create content that engages, educates, and activates prospects and clients.Through content, potential clients can engage without feeling pressure. Delivering the right content to the right people helps them build knowledge before they’re even ready to make a buying decision. Then, when the conversation finally happens, better and more meaningful outcomes arise because of the knowledge gained prior to the conversation.

Tim also posed the million dollar question, “how can you be relevant enough and targeted enough without maybe being too creepy? We work really hard to be as relevant as we can, and…when we’re right, I think it’s way more valuable to the individual who receives it.”


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