Improving the borrowing and investing experience

Help people navigate life's important financial decisions to build strong, lasting relationships

It’s exciting to dream about the big things in life – college, a new home, retirement. Saving for those milestones? Not so much.

Improving the financial experience may help change that attitude and resulting behaviors. Recently released research from Fiserv found consumer education, advice and access to professional support could be welcome complements to the latest technology options. Findings from Expectations & Experiences: Borrowing and Wealth Management, the consumer trends survey by Fiserv, provides support that an excellent financial services experience not only helps consumers navigate crucial activities, but also builds strong relationships with a financial organization.

The survey, conducted by The Harris Poll among 3,050 banking consumers in the U.S., reveals consumers’ attitudes and needs regarding borrowing and investing money. Knowing what consumers want and expect can help financial organizations establish the right strategies and priorities.

Here are highlights from the survey:


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