Improving work relationships

It can be difficult to keep up relationships at the office. In this world of remote work and social distancing, it can get even harder. If you’d like to improve yours, here are three easy tips…

Try to be more positive: If you come across as a negative person, it can rub off on others. Similarly, a positive attitude can improve the attitude of others and that positivity can be a very contagious quality in the workplace. People like being around someone who makes them feel better about things.

Give thanks: Give a shout-out if someone helps you out, but even if an action doesn’t directly affect you, don’t be scared to point out when someone is being awesome. People like being recognized when they’re doing good work, and they’ll appreciate you for saying it. You really can’t say thank you too much.

Open up: Sometimes we focus too much on our work and our office relationships can suffer because of it. Make an effort to connect, even if it’s just occasionally hanging out at lunch. We’re all busy, but try and make a little time for others every day. Being open will help you come across as genuine. When your coworkers see you as “real” they’ll be more likely to trust and understand you, and that’ll be great for your relationships.

John Pettit

John Pettit

John Pettit is the Managing Editor for Web: Details