Innovation and a movie

We all love a good dinner and a movie.  Many will agree the best part of watching a movie are watching the previews.  There in the dark we become our own rotten tomato critics, whispering our rating reviews to the person next to us in between handfuls of popcorn and candy snacks.

Dinner and a movie may look a bit different these days but, if you are anything like me you have exhausted all of the “binge worthy streaming shows”.  So, you can imagine my delight when I came across “General Magic”.  Here’s a little food for thought with Innovation and a Movie Review!

General Magic is the story of the most important Silicon Valley company you’ve never heard of.  A 1990 startup that had the first vision and iteration of the “phone” I now hold in my hand. A communication device that delivers personalized content, that 30 years ago was a only a vision and a dream.

The movie narration starts with, “You have to believe and be proud and convinced that you’ll bend the way the world is moving… Failure is not the end, it is the beginning.”


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