Inside incident response: A cybersecurity expert’s take

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, cyber threats can be identified around every corner, leaving the role of a threat research team to be non-negotiable. Through continuous monitoring, proactive analysis, and timely dissemination of threat intelligence, threat research teams are tasked with fortifying defenses and empowering organizations to stay one step ahead of cyber adversaries.  

In this blog post, we sit down with the Adlumin Threat Research team’s Director, Kevin O’Connor to discuss their pivotal role, shed light on Incident Response, and how the team’s insights are essential in the ongoing battle against cyberthreats. 

Kevin, please tell us more about your team’s role.

The threat research team works to proactively identify threats that may have bypassed security controls. Another way to think about it is we look for new threats that have yet to be detected. Since they have yet to be detected, there are no rules to protect against these threats, like a specific new type of malware. The Adlumin Threat Research team looks specifically for these undetected threats so we can build defenses to identify those threats in the future.


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