Inside Marketing: Moving forward means better training

In a time when member engagement has moved from branches to call centers and digital channels, it is critical for credit unions to leverage technology to get staff up to speed.

As more cities and states start to look at how to reopen businesses and allow people to conduct commerce safely, there are some lessons we can take from the initial shutdown to the current environment. Technology is at the heart of the lesson.

Credit unions, like every other business, had to rethink how to maintain their commitment to serving members while also protecting them and member-facing CU employees. Safety and efficiency were two primary focuses when considering how business operated during the pandemic.

Some credit unions were ahead of the technology curve and already had their digital channels in place and operating efficiently (e.g., mobile banking, remote check capture and e-signatures) to serve their members. And what the pandemic showed us is that it’s possible to rely on those aforementioned technologies and even thrive with their use as opposed to the traditional handling of most transactions in a brick and mortar location.

Unfortunately, some members were (and still are) either unable or unwilling to physically visit a branch, even if it reopened. In this scenario, technology became the go-to solution to help credit unions respond to their members’ needs from managing bills and transferring funds to depositing checks. And if a member had an issue with one of those systems, they more than likely turned to the call center for assistance.


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