Insight that matters

The last couple of years produced a reflective perspective in leaders and board members that challenges fundamental beliefs and underlying assumptions about the phenomenon of leadership in today’s organizations. In addition, the spectrum of shifts in our personal and professional lives, organizations, boardrooms, communities, and families has resulted in a complex web of interdependent needs and hopes.

We still need to build for the future, develop talent, structure organizations effectively, and produce pragmatic outcomes from relevant information. It might have been easier to make fundamental organizational changes that impacted people, processes, and systems in the past. Now, with the multitude of complexities, the range of what we don’t know has magnified, which impacts our ability to understand our future potential.

Here are a few considerations as you envision your organization in the future.

  • Imagine what it means to gain insight into intra-organization alignment; understand the needed yet not explicitly expressed shifts in your organization; reduce workplace conflicts; and improve cross-enterprise communication and collaboration.
  • Uncover and understand what currently motivates your people. Meaningfully impact their engagement journey so they can develop as future leaders.
  • Become strategically advanced in hiring the right people amid unprecedented recruitment hurdles.
  • Increase comprehension and discernment of what it takes to nurture and cultivate your talent.
  • Discover rich ways to leverage your board members’ subject matter expertise and sense of strategic thinking.
  • Renew focus on boardroom governance to enhance board member adaptability to a rapidly changing world through enhanced accountability and responsiveness to member needs.
  • Utilize appreciation and action to embody inclusivity, diversity, equality, and a sense of belonging so that adding value is no longer a thought but an embodiment.
  • Be bold in discerning and understanding the consequences of organizational fractures.
Deedee Myers

Deedee Myers

Deedee Myers is founder and CEO of DDJ Myers, Ltd. and co-founder of the Advancing Leadership Institute. For the past 20 years, she has been passionate about establishing and developing ... Web: Details