Why you should insist your employees go on vacation

In theory, we all love taking vacation. Did you know that a lot of people never use their vacation days? According to Glassdoor, U.S. employees that receive paid vacation only take about 54% of their vacation time. That’s a lot of wasted free time. Here are four reasons you should be encouraging your employees to take time off.

They’ll be less stressed: If you want your employees to be satisfied and stress-free, encourage them to get away. If they are feeling burned out and anxious, there’s no better cure than getting out of the environment that’s causing it for a few days. There really isn’t a good reason to waste paid vacation time.

They’ll be more focused: When you’re burned out and haven’t had a chance to get away, your focus is one of the first things to go. Studies have shown that stress can affect the part of your brain that causes problems with memory. To keep your workforce in top-notch shape, you need to make sure that they’re powering-down their brains more often than just a couple of days every weekend.

They’ll be more productive: If your team as a whole is starting to experience burn-out, it can’t be good for office productivity. By making sure vacation days are being used, you’re increasing work quality and job satisfaction.

They’ll be more innovative: When you get the chance to get away from work, your brain gets the opportunity to recharge and refresh. Getting out of the office for a few days might be just what your employees need to step up their game and discover new and exciting ways to do their job.


John Pettit

John Pettit

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