Integrations help you meet your members where they are today

Activating new credit cards is a very common practice that today is pretty simple and easy, but just a few years ago, activating a new card you received in the mail wasn’t all that convenient.

At the time, options were limited. You would have to call your credit union during business hours via the 800 number printed on the sticker on your new card, speak to a live representative, and they would manually activate the card. Eventually, that process was integrated into an interactive voice response (IVR) system, allowing the member to call any time day or night and push a series of buttons to automatically activate the card. Although the member still had to dial the 800 number, the IVR approach did offer greater convenience.

Fast forward to today, where members activate their card right within their mobile or online banking app—a giant step forward for convenience. They simply log into their preferred application, click a button, and voila! – the card is activated. Members still have the option of dialing the 800 number and activating their card through the IVR or even with the help of a live representative. Still, many of today’s consumers appreciate the ability to perform this small task on their terms, within their preferred mode of interaction.

Over time, the improvements in card activation are just one powerful example of how integrations across technologies via APIs (application programming interfaces) have resulted in faster, more efficient processes and a much better member experience.


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