Internal communications: Right audience, right message, right time

Toolkit includes a roadmap allowing staff to craft communication plans for every project.

Crystal Palomino, UFCU

Many employee email in boxes resemble the ubiquitous home junk drawer: Lots of miscellany, most of it useless, but with some important stuff that’s hard to dig out.

This can be a nightmare from an internal communications perspective. In the past few years, UFCU in Austin, Texas, has been intentional in organizing its internal communications and applying processes and schedules in messaging to team members.

“We wanted to figure out how people can find what they need when they need it,” Crystal Palomino, senior specialist in internal communications and events at the $4 billion asset credit union, told attendees at the 2023 CUNA HR & Organizational Development Council Conference Monday in San Diego.

Previously, UFCU took the approach that “everybody gets an email about everything,” she says.


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