Investment strategies for hiring

The hiring process is a difficult one. Certain skills and knowledge are required for each position, and candidates must also be a culture fit. Leaders of organizations need to have an effective hiring strategy in place that balances desired traits with the ability to do the job.

As you reflect on the hiring process at your organization, here is an interesting take from executive coach Whitney Johnson in the Harvard Business Review: “Hiring people is a lot like picking stocks.”

“We begin by asking ‘what kind of stock is this?'” Johnson says. “Is it best-in-class, with strong positioning in the market and consistently solid results; a turnaround story, where there have been struggles but better days are on the horizon; a cash cow, where revenue is flat but the business will pay out dividends for the foreseeable future; or a growth story, with potential for accelerating revenue and expanding margins?”

A stock’s performance in the market – and how it fares in volatile times – is a good analogy for a person’s career, especially in the current fast-paced, ever-changing work environment. To ensure you’re hiring people with high-growth potential, here are some tips from Johnson:


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