IoT security weaknesses

The Internet of Things (IoT) is essentially a network of devices that are interconnected to function as a larger unit. At home, you might have your alarm clock trigger your toaster to prepare a piece of toast or or your coffee maker a cup of java by the time you get downstairs. At the office, though, the stakes are a little higher. We’ll look at how IoT works, its security weaknesses, and how to be proactive about protecting your systems.

IoT Proliferation

IoT relies on sensors to both gather data and act on it. Because it offers new, more efficient ways to conduct business, it’s quickly grown in popularity. In fact, many employees might be surprised at the complexity of the web in even smaller offices. The IoT can create new revenue streams and optimize the customer experience without risking a company’s budget. However, because there’s so much information being collected and so many interconnected devices, the odds that one of the devices will be compromised rises exponentially.

IoT Security Weaknesses

In many ways, the risks of IoT are innumerable. Every new feature or device introduces multiple pathways for a scrupulous hacker to exploit. Criminals love to see businesses use IoT devices because it makes it that much easier for them to find their way into a company’s system.


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