Is Outsourced Online Banking at Risk for a DDoS Attack?

by Robin Remines

With the emergence of the DDoS threats nearly everyone is bring asked what is the impact of a DDoS attack to their Credit Union.  Even NCUA has stepped in with a “recommendation” to take a look at your infrastructure and preform a DDoS risk analysis as well as a business impact analysis.

Everyone knows that it’s the OTHER GUY that is impacted by DDoS attacks! Right? Wrong!Unfortunately we are seeing too many people take a very narrow scope when assessing their potential exposure to a DDoS threat.  It is true that the obvious target for this type of attack is your website and your online banking site.  These assets are public facing and interruption has visibility to your members.  While these are the primary targets these are NOT the ONLY things you should be concerned about!

DDoS attack are only going to continue to evolve. Every quarter you see reports of the size and duration increasing.  The treat of these attacks is not solely to your website and online banking site.  Attackers using very simple tools can find your entire presence on the internet.  Even if you outsource your website hosting and your online banking to a 3rd party provider, DDoS attacks can have impact in other areas.

The average CU uses the internet now more and more for critical operations.  to list a few:

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