Is working with a PEO right for your business?

According to a survey of 500 managers in the U.S., the majority of managers feel too overwhelmed with administrative tasks such as time tracking and submitting expense reports to properly attend to their roles. The study found that 34% of managers spend one to two hours every day on administrative tasks; 36% are spending three to four hours; and 23% spend over five hours a day focused on tasks that have little to do with their actual job.

Between payroll, health insurance, workers’ compensation issues, and other human resource (HR)-related functions, a business owner or manager can spend more time handling paperwork than managing and growing their business. Before you know it, instead of focusing on growth opportunities, you find yourself bogged down in paperwork and red tape.

How Can a PEO Help?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a company that specializes in the management of administrative and human resource functions for businesses. Think of it as outsourced human resources. When you work with a PEO, you will continue to oversee the day-to-day management of your employees, and they will handle HR administration and the associated paperwork.


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