It’s Personal: Who needs mobile?

In a market as pervasive as mobile, it’s impossible to nail down a meaningful demographic. Are mobile users, as we are often told, young? Saying so excludes the millions and millions of mobile devotees who are various shades of older – parents, for example, or midcareer achievers.

In reference to a recent global survey on retail banking, Cisco made a similar observation: “Segmenting by age is an outmoded strategy and could alienate valuable sets of customers,” said Cisco vice president Joseph Bradley. “By focusing on digital behavior (which, more and more, transcends age), banks can better implement Internet-of-Everything-enabled concepts that resonate with each customer.”

What are the individualized drivers that make mobile money management a necessity in 2015? Here are four personality types and their specific mobile needs:

1. Pay Today – Or Else

Profile: People who need to pay right now. Their bills are due today. They owe friends for their share of the last 12 dinners out.

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