It’s time for your credit union to host a cybersecurity awareness program

Consumers seek cybersecurity education from their financial institutions.

Consumers face a near-daily barrage of troubling cybersecurity news, with each story being more concerning than the last. When the public learned about the Capital One data breach, consumers were again left scrambling to figure out if their personal information was included in the 106 million exposed records. So, how can financial institutions quell this constant cyber-paranoia?

To find out, CSI polled more than 2,000 American consumers to discover their perceptions of the cybersecurity threats and challenges surrounding themselves and their financial institutions. The result? Consumers (unsurprisingly) want to know how to better protect themselves and, in fact, are open to their bank showing them how. Almost three-fourths (74 percent) said that they would likely participate in a cybersecurity awareness program if offered by their financial institution.

This insight presents a tremendous opportunity to banks that want an inexpensive way to increase their value and retain more customers.

If You Host It, Consumers Will Come

Per our poll, consumers age 18 through 44 are the most likely (75 percent) to attend a bank-sponsored cybersecurity education program, but interest from those age 45 and older is not far behind (73 percent).


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