It’s time to consider a new cooperative principle

Everybody wins when everybody engages to make credit unions better.

Each year, February is commemorated as Black History Month. This is a period to reflect on the sacrifices of African-Americans and celebrate the many contributions made to the American melting pot.

It is also a time to consider where diversity and inclusion for all of us stands today. As I look at my community of credit unions, I see an opportunity to reaffirm our values and explore new opportunities. I think the time is right to officially recognize diversity and inclusion as part of the credit union philosophy.

I have worked in the credit union movement for nearly 40 years. During this time, I have seen firsthand the credit union difference in action—but I think we can always strive to be better. While we have experienced many changes in technology, innovations and financial products, we have not paused to assess the real impact of our fundamental beliefs.


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