It’s time to get reacquainted with your banking customers

Everything and everybody has changed since COVID-19 upended our entire world over a year ago. Customer’s financial circumstances are different than pre-pandemic. Some have saved more than ever before. Others have reduced or lost their earnings. Everything you think you know about your customers post-COVID could be wrong. So, it is time you get reacquainted!

Customers Need Humanized Contact

Your customers have been struggling over the past year. Whether hit by unemployment, loss of a family member, managing children’s distance learning, or stuck at home without social interaction, this past year has rocked their world. Since everything has changed, relying on customer data collected before the pandemic will lead you astray in meeting customer’s needs.

You need to initiate new customer conversations either digitally, by video, call center, or in the branch that humanizes the situation. That is the only way to find out what has been happening with them and to show empathy and compassion for their new state of affairs. These conversations will allow you to understand their new needs and how you can assist them with their financial wellness.


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