Jury duty and a great reminder

I think courts like me. I’ve been called to jury duty five times, and next Monday, I report yet again to fulfill my civic duty.

Probably six years ago, I had jury duty in Arlington, Virginia.  I know it is practically an American past-time to find ways to escape jury duty.  A good friend of mine at the time laughed when I told her about serving.  She gave me quite a few tips on how to escape jury duty, or if I couldn’t, on how to answer questions to avoid serving for a given trial.

It was tempting.  Jury duty in Arlington lasts up to four days.  No smartphones are permitted inside the courthouse.  Work is busy.  I have kids.  I have things to do!  Sound familiar?

As the dates drew near, I rearranged my schedule.  I accepted appointments as tentative.  But my fear and trepidation were all for naught.  My case settled on the first day, and the clerk made it clear that the need for us to return was almost non-existent.

As our jury pool, about 90 strong, exchanged smiles, the phone rang.  The judge wanted to see us. Unsure of what we faced, we wandered up to the courtroom.


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