Just for laughs! Digital marketing has taken over my life

As digital marketers we can all relate to moments when we realize our work in the digital space has invaded our personal lives. It may be more realistic however, to just admit our exposure to digital media has completely taken over our daily activities and thought processes! Just for fun, here’s a reflection of the influence digital marketing has had on us, whether we’ve realized it or not.

  • You have started a legitimate statement with “B.T. W (or dubs)” before you could stop yourself
  • You read your social media post at least 5 times before posting – and then 5 more times after
  • You now silently mock people in your head with hashtags: #boring, #fashionfail, #getahaircut
  • Nothing your spouse or kids do is exempt from your marketing input – especially their social media activities
  • You subconsciously critique everything you see, contemplating how it could have gone viral if it had been done differently
  • Your ‘personal’ social media accounts are truly just a test environment for your work
  • You’ve considered creating anonymous social media profiles and/or blogs just to have an outlet to rant, but didn’t because you realize it would be one more channel requiring a content creation strategy you don’t have time to manage
  • You have at least one smartphone, tablet, or laptop with you at ALL times (you know you’ve brought it in the bathroom!)
  • You’re overly annoyed that double spacing doesn’t automatically add a period to the previous sentence on all devices
  • You’ve become distraught on more than one occasion because you felt someone wasn’t using their social media “right”
  • If you hear the phrase “just put it on Facebook” one more time…
  • You’re guilty of tagging a brand, not to be part of the larger conversation, but because you secretly hope to be retweeted, followed, favorited, etc.
  • You find remarketing ads helpful – reminding you why you got online in the first place
  • Remember the time you left your phone at home and went the whole day without it? No. No you don’t.
Penne D. VanderBush

Penne D. VanderBush

With over 10 years of experience in financial industry marketing, and former VP of Marketing for the largest state-chartered credit union in Vermont, Penne joined the FI GROW Solutions team ... Web: figrow.com Details