Just throw strikes

Editors note: As I finished this post, something seemed familiar. Well, there was a reason. I wrote about this day before. I thought about scratching it and starting over, but I looked back at the day a bit differently this time. I hope you don’t mind.

by: Anthony  Demangone

He was struggling.

Our best 11-year-old pitcher was on the mound. But he has lost his touch. And as the pitches soared this way and that, I could see his frustration grow.

He loaded the bases with walks.

And then I heard it.

“Just throw strikes.”

That was the head coach. And he didn’t say “just throw strikes.”  He growled it.

Four more pitches. Four more balls.

He walked in a run. 

I’ve pitched before, and there’s no worse feeling than losing control. I saw the pitcher’s head drop.

“Just throw strikes,” bellowed the coach.

I was the assistant coach that season.

‘Let me handle it,” I said.

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