Keeping up with the kids this summer

by: Christina Pontisso

School’s out! Great for the kids, not so great for your budget. Now that school is out of session, that means you have to entertain the kids day and night. Activities or things to do to entertain them can get expensive, that’s why Generations Federal Credit Union offers some alternative ideas that won’t damage your finances. Check them out below!


  1. Start with a budget: List out the areas where you want to put most of your funds and less of funds to. You might need to cut back on daily/weekly splurges (e.g., visits to the mall) in order to leave plenty of family fun. Make sure to consider FREE activities offered in your community and/or city (e.g., concerts in the park, museums, zoos, outdoor movie viewing parties).
  2. Plan a cost-effective family vacation: Road trip! Avoid expensive airfare by hitting the road! Or go to the nearest park to camp or rent an RV! Low cost outdoor activities such as, hiking or fishing are perfect for summer time.


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