‘Kill a stupid rule’

To improve your odds of success, eliminate a stupid rule at your credit union, futurist Lisa Bodell advises.

To improve your odds of success in the future, find a stupid rule at your credit union and kill it, advises author and futurist Lisa Bodell. In other words, seek out what doesn’t work, eliminate it, and focus on innovation.

Too many organizations approach innovation by “adding more,” she says.

“We need to get rid of the things that aren’t working to create more space for change to happen. People’s plates are full—but not necessarily with stuff that’s of value. So we need leaders to not just give people permission to be more innovative, but permission to get rid of work so they can create the space for this innovative future to happen.”

A common response to Bodell’s call to kill a stupid rule is, “we’re regulated and we can’t kill rules.” But she’s referring to the “everyday assumptions” people follow simply by habit that waste time, such as, why do we need paper reports? Why are there three levels of decision-making for this action?


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